Flipp Flopps are self-marking booklets designed to help young people learn their times tables.

The Flipp Flopps booklet is designed to help children recall their times tables out of order. The questions are listed out of order and there’s one page for each set of times tables, so each child in the class or the group would have one of these booklets and they flip to the set of questions they want to answer, and move all the other pages to the back of the booklet.


At home or in the classroom, the child will normally just put the booklet down on their table, on a piece of scrap paper and then attempt to fill in the answers next to the questions.

Some of the questions are duplicated/replicated. The reason is to replicate some of the questions that children often get wrong. When reaching the bottom of the list of questions, the child simply flipps over the page and they’ve got the answers there, which they can self-mark and see which ones they’ve got right and which ones they need to work on.

If the child gets a question wrong, it can be helpful for them to see the correct answer and try to remember the correct answer for the next time. If not, that is where an adult (teacher of parent) can help the child.

There are 6 short videos here for parents and teachers, explaining more about Flipp Flopps Times Tables.

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