Top Tips

Skip Counting

  • Write each multiple on a piece of card
  • Set them out in order
  • Say each multiple in order, using your fingers to track which multiple you are saying
  • Turn one card face down and then chant the multiples again
  • Keep going until you have turned over all the cards

The nine times table finger trick.

This only works for the nine times table, but it is really handy! Here’s how to do it;

  • Hold your hands out in front of you, palms upwards.
  • Mentally number your fingers (and thumbs!) 1-10 starting with 1 for your left thumb and finishing with 10 for your right thumb.
  • If you fold down finger number 2, your remaining fingers tell you the second multiple of 9
    • The number of fingers to the left of the folded finger show the tens digit, in this case 1
    • The number of fingers to the right of the folded finger show the units digit, in this case 8
    • Combining these two digits gives you 18, the second multiple of 9 (2×9=18)

Clapping games

Get clapping with a partner and then try to:

  • Chant your tables in time with the claps
  • Ask a question for your partner to answer, in time to the claps
  • Chant your tables backwards (very difficult)

Use facts you know to build those you don’t

For example:
8×6 is double 8×3
6×7 is double 3×7

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

  • Get your family or a friend to ask you the same fact 100 times each day
  • Write the same fact out 100 times
  • Write a complete set of tables facts out 10 times
  • Wear a sticker that says ‘please ask me the answer to this 4×9=?’

Draw a poster

  • Take one fact e.g. 7×6=42 and draw a poster that illustrates it. Make it bright, colourful and funny then keep it somewhere you will see it every day.